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Amazon Prime Day: How to Score Amazing Deals

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Are you ready for the highly anticipated Amazon Prime Days on July 11 and 12? It’s a two-day extravaganza where Amazon Prime members can enjoy incredible savings. But here’s the burning question: is it worth all the hype?

According to consumer savings expert Andrea Woroch, you can definitely score some fantastic deals, as long as you know what to buy. The best discounts can be found on Amazon’s own products, particularly their electronics. However, there are also great deals on home goods, kitchen appliances, fashion items, memberships, and even Amazon’s basic merchandise. The key is to know how to spot the best bargains.

Do Your Research

Before you hit that “Buy” button, it’s crucial to do your research, especially when it comes to price histories. Online retailers are notorious for constantly fluctuating their prices. Sometimes, they even inflate the original price to make the discount appear more enticing. But don’t be fooled!

Andrea Woroch advises, “Don’t let those flashy discount claims influence your purchase. Be smart and research price histories to determine if the current deal is truly the best one you can find.” One handy tool she recommends is Camel Camel Camel, which allows you to track the prices of items sold on Amazon. This way, you can see if the Prime Day deal is indeed the lowest price ever offered.

Another helpful option is to download the “Honey browser extension.” It enables you to set sale alerts and notifies you when the price of a specific item drops. This way, you’ll never miss out on a great deal.

Utilize Amazon’s App

To make your Prime Day experience even smoother, Amazon has its own app that offers convenient ways to track sales. Simply scroll through the app, browse the site, and when you find an item you’re interested in, hit the “Watch This Deal” icon. The app will then notify you when that item goes on sale during Prime Day. It’s an effortless way to stay updated and never miss out on a bargain.

Other Major Sales to Look Out For

While Amazon Prime Day steals the spotlight, it’s important to know that other retailers also offer big deals around the same time. Target’s Circle Week, taking place from July 9 to 15 offers savings across various categories. This is an excellent opportunity to find incredible deals.

Walmart Plus Week is another noteworthy sale happening from July 10 to 13. If you’re a Walmart Plus member, you’ll have the added benefit of early access to these deals.

Make the Most of Amazon Prime Day

Now armed with these tips and tricks, you can make the most of Amazon Prime Day. Keep an eye out for the best deals on Amazon’s own products, research price histories using tools like Camel Camel Camel, and set sale alerts using the “Honey browser extension.” Additionally, don’t forget to explore other major sales happening around the same time, such as Target’s Circle Week and Walmart Plus Week.

Happy shopping, and may you score some incredible bargains!

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