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Boss Unveils ME-90 Multi-FX Pedal: Amp Sims Replaced with Flagship Modeling Tech

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Boss has introduced the ME-90, the latest addition to their popular ME series of multi-effects pedals. What sets this model apart is the integration of the AIRD (Augmented Impulse Response Dynamics) technology, previously featured in their flagship GT-1000 model.

AIRD Technology Takes Center Stage

While opinions on Boss’s previous COSM amp sims were mixed among players, the AIRD system has received widespread acclaim for its improved cab sims and their interaction with the included amp models.

New Effects Loop and Patch Options

One notable addition to the ME-90 is the incorporation of an effects loop, allowing players to integrate other pedals into their setup. Users can now save the on/off status of the effects loop within patches and choose its placement before or after the amp models.

A Plethora of Effects and Amp Models


In addition to AIRD, the ME-90 boasts 60 diverse effects types sourced from Boss’s extensive catalog. It also features eleven amp models, each paired with a dedicated cab sim. For those seeking even more tonal possibilities, the pedal allows the loading of up to three user-generated impulse responses (IRs).

Comprehensive Software Control

Boss Tone Studio software provides access to additional effect and amp options, along with 36 preset patches and 36 user slots for personalized configurations. While connecting to a computer via USB is necessary for using the Tone Studio software, Boss offers an optional Bluetooth Audio MIDI Dual Adaptor that enables wireless control through the BTS app, offering tone shaping and music streaming capabilities.

User-Friendly Design

The ME-90 maintains the 24-bit AD/DA audio quality, battery operation, and familiar control setup of its predecessor, the ME-80. However, the expression pedal now features a more rectangular shape.

A Budget-Friendly Contender

Though the ME series may seem somewhat outdated compared to its competitors like the Fractal FM9, Neural DSP Quad Cortex, and Line 6 Helix, the ME-90 remains a popular choice. Its access to AIRD tones, the new effects loop, a wide range of effects types, and hands-on control make it an attractive option at a significantly lower price point than Boss’s flagship GT-1000 ($1,189).

In Conclusion

Priced at $349, the ME-90 offers a compelling package for the budget-conscious musician. While the ME series may appear dated, the inclusion of AIRD tones, the effects loop, the extensive effects library, and the versatile control options make it an enticing choice for the right players looking for excellent value in a multi-effects pedal.

For more information on the ME-90, head to Boss.

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