Doctor Larry Nassar Attacked in Prison

Former US Gymnastics Doctor Larry Nassar Attacked in Prison: Sources

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In a shocking incident, Larry Nassar, the former doctor of the USA gymnastics team, has been stabbed while in prison. According to a reliable source, Nassar was attacked on Sunday afternoon, sustaining six stab wounds to his back and neck. The injuries are reported to be severe, with a possible collapsed lung.

Fortunately, Nassar is currently in stable condition, as confirmed by two sources familiar with the matter. The assault took place at the United States Penitentiary Coleman II in Florida, a federal facility known for its high security. Thankfully, no one else was harmed during the incident, according to the Bureau of Prisons.

Authorities have already identified a suspect in the assault, who happens to be another inmate. They are also reviewing video footage and other evidence to determine if additional individuals were involved. It has come to light that the staff responsible for guarding Nassar were working overtime, which was partly due to staffing shortages within the Bureau of Prisons.

Interestingly, Nassar was housed in a unit specifically designated for inmates convicted of sexual assault. This detail sheds light on the unique circumstances surrounding his imprisonment.

To provide some context, Larry Nassar was found guilty of both state and federal charges for sexually assaulting numerous members of the USA gymnastics team. Given the gravity of his crimes, he is currently serving multiple lengthy sentences totaling hundreds of years at USP Coleman.

The attack on Nassar raises concerns about the safety of prisoners and the effectiveness of prison security measures. It is essential that investigations into the incident are conducted thoroughly to ensure justice is served.

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