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HBO Cancels ‘Game Theory with Bomani Jones’ After Two Seasons

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HBO has made the decision not to renew the popular show Game Theory with Bomani Jones for a third season, according to an exclusive report.

The news was first reported by Bobby Burack of OutKick, who stated, “HBO has canceled Game Theory with Bomani Jones. The network will not renew the show for a third season, three sources tell OutKick. Game Theory debuted in 2022, first airing after Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and then Real Time with Bill Maher for the second season.”

Awful Announcing has also confirmed the cancellation of the show.

Although ‘Game Theory’ received positive critical acclaim in its first season, it struggled to attract a large viewership. This trend continued into the second season, even with TNT airing the previous week’s episode before the NBA Doubleheader.

Burack highlighted the decline in viewership, stating, “Each season lost on average over 80% of its lead-in viewership. HBO sister station TNT re-aired episodes of the second season the following week ahead of its NBA doubleheader. The TNT and HBO airings of the show often failed to register on the top 150 cable chart.”

While HBO’s ‘Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel’ has remained successful since its launch in 1995, Bomani Jones now joins the ranks of Bill Simmons, Joe Buck, and Bob Costas as prominent sports figures whose HBO shows did not last long on the network.

Stay tuned for more updates on the future endeavors of Bomani Jones and other exciting programs coming your way.

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