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Philadelphia’s Revolutionary Addition: Electric Horseless Carriage Makes Debut in Fourth of July Parade

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Get ready for a groundbreaking moment at Philadelphia’s Fourth of July celebration! Amidst the extravagant floats and dazzling performances, a special carriage will take its first ride during the Salute to America Independence Day Parade. What makes this carriage unique? It’s electric and horseless! City Councilmember Mark Squilla will have the honor of being the first passenger.

A Revolutionary Concept

Philadelphia is leading the way with the introduction of the first electric horseless carriage in the city. In fact, it’s also the only one of its kind in any major city across the United States. Despite its traditional appearance resembling a horse-drawn carriage, this vehicle is powered by batteries and doesn’t require any animal labor.

Addressing Concerns and Promoting Safety

The horseless carriage is a step towards addressing concerns about animal welfare and public safety that often arise with traditional horse-drawn carriages in cities nationwide. The organization Carriage Horse Freedom, responsible for this innovative concept, aims to provide all the charm of a traditional carriage while eliminating any harm associated with animal-powered transportation.

Founder and Director Janet White stated, “This carriage is the first step in transitioning away from horse-drawn carriages. It provides all the charm, with none of the harm.” This revolutionary approach ensures that both the well-being of animals and the safety of the public are taken into consideration.

A Tribute to Caroline Earle White

The electric horseless carriage has been named “Caroline” in honor of Caroline Earle White, the founder of the Women’s Animal Center. Caroline Earle White was a dedicated advocate for Philadelphia’s stray and abandoned animals, making her an influential figure in animal welfare. The naming of the carriage pays tribute to her significant contributions.

The Ride Continues

The Fourth of July parade won’t be the last appearance of the electric horseless carriage. Both tourists and residents will have the opportunity to experience this revolutionary mode of transportation on tours offered by the American Vegan Center in Old City. This exciting initiative not only provides an eco-friendly alternative but also adds a unique touch to exploring the city’s landmarks.

Embrace the Future

Philadelphia’s Fourth of July celebration just got more electrifying with the introduction of the electric horseless carriage. This innovative vehicle combines the allure of a traditional carriage with the advantages of environmentally friendly technology. So, join the festivities and witness history in the making as Philadelphia paves the way for a future where tradition meets sustainability.

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