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Rosco Brings Virtual Production Technology to Max’s ‘Full Circle’

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In an exciting development, Rosco has introduced the RDX LAB System with Software by FuseFX for the production of Max’s new limited series, “Full Circle.” This groundbreaking series is the first to utilize advanced virtual production technology, and Director and Director of Photography Steven Soderbergh opted for the RDX System to create the perfect setting and capture the intense atmosphere of this New York crime drama.

Unveiled at the 2023 Cine Gear LA Expo last month, the RDX System combines FuseFX’s VFX software with Rosco’s extensive digital content library. Its purpose is to provide cinematographers working with LED volumes with enhanced ease and efficiency.

The system offers a wide range of high-resolution cinematic backdrops that can be adjusted and displayed in real-time on any LED volume. “Full Circle” was the pioneering production to make use of the RDX System, allowing filmmakers to instantly manipulate background imagery using a user-friendly app. With just a touch of their finger, they can change the time of day, add rain or fog, and transform the environment to suit their creative vision.

Steven Soderbergh expressed his enthusiasm for the system and how it complements his filmmaking process, saying, “It’s changed the way that I think about conceptualizing scenes and story. That’s the way technology is supposed to work.

It’s supposed to unleash your imagination as opposed to scaling down your ideas to what’s possible at that moment in time. I’m thinking about doing things now that I wouldn’t have thought about doing before. Now, we’re really in a space where you have the freedom to imagine things. My horizons have expanded just due to technology like this. I can move at the speed that I want to move and do things visually I’ve never been able to do before.”

Derek Gross, the Gaffer on “Full Circle,” also praised the RDX System, stating, “The RDX System has opened up the world of video walls as lighting for me. No other solution I’ve seen on production has come close to how seamless, interactive, and cost-effective this is.

The ability to bring in VFX on a separate layer was massively beneficial – not just for me, but for all the creatives on set and the writer’s room. The RDX System has expanded the possibilities of what can be done.”

The backdrop images showcased in “Full Circle” were displayed on a massive 180-foot flat LED wall, requiring a specially designed system capable of supporting such a large virtual set. Carstage and Visual Alchemy, experts in the field, provided support for the RDX System, enabling the near-instantaneous display and scaling of pixel-perfect images on the LED screen.

The RDX System significantly reduced the time and cost typically associated with constructing environments in pre-production. Moreover, it saved valuable time during post-production and eliminated the need for a green screen, giving filmmakers the ability to see the imagery in real-time.

Lauren Proud, VP of Marketing & Digital Experience at Rosco, highlighted their commitment to empowering filmmakers with creative control, saying, “We strive to deliver products that empower filmmakers with the creative control to do their best work.

The deployment of the RDX System on ‘Full Circle’ is the latest example of this, and we’re thrilled to have received such positive feedback from Steven Soderbergh and the rest of the crew on the system’s ease of use. We look forward to seeing how more creatives will leverage virtual production technology inside LED volumes now that a more affordable and efficient option is available.”

Rosco’s RDX System, in collaboration with FuseFX, is revolutionizing the way filmmakers bring their visions to life. By providing a seamless and user-friendly platform for manipulating background imagery in real-time, this virtual production technology opens up limitless possibilities for storytelling and visual effects.

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